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Program Feature: Eight Books Young Children Should Not Live Without

Parents often wonder if they are making the most of time spent with their children. One of the best ways a parent can spend time with their child is by reading aloud to or with them. However, with so many books on the market, … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name? Using Books About Names in the First Weeks of School

At School Literacy and Culture, we believe the best way to teach children the alphabetic principle is by using their very own names. Names are a powerful, developmentally appropriate tool for individualizing early literacy learning. Countless literacy objectives can be … Continue reading

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What is SLC Reading This Summer?

“The fire of literacy is created by the emotional sparks between a child, a book and the person reading. It isn’t achieved by the book alone, not by the child alone, nor by the adult who’s reading aloud – it’s … Continue reading

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Is a Child Ever Too Old for a Read Aloud?

At School Literacy and Culture our answer to this question is not just “no”, but “absolutely not!” The research agrees. In this article shared on Read Brightly, the author shares that only 17 percent of children aged 9-11 are read … Continue reading

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The American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Reading Aloud to Children

As teachers, we’ve known for decades that reading aloud to children is imperative to young children’s development. On June 24, 2014 the American Academy of Pediatrics published a policy statement regarding the critical importance of reading to young children beginning … Continue reading

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