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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Toys?

As teachers and parents, we spend a lot of time thinking about what kinds of toys we give to children. We want toys that will encourage spatial reasoning skills, facilitate motor development, inspire collaboration and spark imagination. But how often … Continue reading

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Playing to Learn, Learning to Play: How Mature, Extended Play Can Develop Both Literacy and Self-Regulation

What does “mature, extended play” entail, and what skills does it develop? These questions, while important for early childhood educators, are rarely taken up by journalists. Po Bronson is an exception: in a national tour of early childhood classrooms he … Continue reading

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School Literacy & Culture’s 2016 Gift Guide: Blocks for All Ages

Blocks: A Gift That Spans the Ages Welcome to the 2016 SLC Holiday Gift Guide! We’re excited to share our top gift picks with you as you start your shopping treks either around the city or online. You’ll notice this … Continue reading

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Program Feature: The Building Blocks of Building Blocks

Thanks to Friedrich Froebel and Caroline Pratt, blocks have been a part of early childhood classrooms for more than 150 years. Since the mid-1800’s, children have been playing with a material that hasn’t changed much; blocks have withstood the test … Continue reading

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What is SLC Reading this Summer? Part 2

“Neuroscientists, biologists, psychologists, social scientists, and researchers from every point of the scientific compass now know that play is a profound biological process. It has evolved over eons in many animal species to promote survival. It shapes the brain and … Continue reading

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