Program Feature: Writing Across the Curriculum


While it is easy to think of writing as its own “subject,” in reality writing is crucial across disciplines and areas of life. When developed and harnessed effectively, the symbolic thinking skills, confidence, motor skills, inventiveness and more that children gain from creative writing can be translated into success in social studies, science, math and beyond–a true testament to writing’s ability to meet children’s needs in innovative ways. Further, while writing can be an intimidating and frustrating endeavor for many children, educators can utilize activities and techniques that make writing meaningful and exciting. Doing so sets children up with the tools and motivation they need for a life of learning.

Given the powerful promise and urgent necessity of developing children’s writing abilities across the curriculum, we invite you to participate in a three-day workshop this July that provides the opportunity to discover fresh, effective writing activities and techniques that span the genres. Expert School Literacy and Culture mentors and Creative Writing Camp teachers will share narrative, expository and poetry prompts that transfer directly to the classroom, specifically addressing English, science and social studies.

Participants will be divided into two sections. Pre-K through 1st grade teachers will discover techniques that are meaningful to emergent writers and develop expertise in evaluating a variety of strategies for teaching writing and developing voice in the early childhood classroom. Teachers of 2nd through 4th grade will focus on creative writing formats across genres that are meaningful to students, with an emphasis on strategies that make it possible for students to transfer skills learned in creative writing exercises to standardized writing prompts.

Learn more and register for Writing Across the Curriculum. We hope to see you there!



Authored by Magen Eissenstat, Rice University School Literacy & Culture Senior Intern


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