What is SLC Reading This Summer?

“It has been said that the measure of a nation is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. By that measure, there is a crisis in the United States, especially with respect to our children.” -Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University

Our second feature in our SLC Summer Reading series is Defending Childhood: Keeping the Promise of Early Education edited by Beverly Falk, professor and director of the Graduate Programs in Early Childhood Education at the City College of New York’s School of Education, with a thought-provoking foreword by Linda Darling-Hammond, professor emeritus of Education and faculty director of the Center for Opportunity Policy in Education at Stanford University. This book is a compilation of twelve chapters written by leading educators and scholars in the early education field. The chapters are based in the need to “defend” our youngest citizens’ right to a developmentally appropriate early education experience. Chapters range in topic from early neuroscience and psychology, to effects of diversity and poverty, to supporting families and communities. Not only are various, intriguing topics addressed, but authors provide specific suggestions and strategies to support learning.

At School Literacy and Culture, we constantly strive to connect research and practice, and this book does just that. Put “Defending Childhood” on your must-read list.

Wrritten by Jordan Khadam-Hir, Rice University, School Literacy and Culture

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