Fall Catalog Sneak Peek

In January we hosted our 16th annual Early Literacy Summit at Rice University. With 400 attendees and more than two dozen sessions to choose from, participants were treated to a full day of learning about the most recent trends and practices in early childhood education. After the Summit, we compiled participants’ survey feedback on the day and created our fall 2015 and spring 2016 workshop lineup.

On Wednesday, October 7, we will feature “The Building Blocks of Building Blocks.” In this session, participants will learn how block play impacts child development while linking early literacy development to the building process. This presentation will also encourage teachers to become familiar with the stages of block play, learn ways to organize and manage a block center, and explore ways to keep block play interesting throughout the school year.

On Tuesday, November 10, SLC will host “Phonological What?” – a workshop on the importance of phonological awareness in a child’s journey towards becoming a reader. This session will be for parents and teachers and will be featured both during the day and in the evening. Participants will gain knowledge in how to plan phonological awareness–lessons, circle time activities and songs that can be incorporated throughout the day in any classroom or at home.

Keep your eye on our website for details and registration information coming next month!

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