Building Parent Involvement in Your Classroom

Research shows that students thrive and are more successful when their families are involved in their education. Many parents, however, feel unwelcome or uncomfortable in their children’s schools. It takes commitment on the part of teachers and school administrators to improve parent involvement and to support efforts to increase it. Check out this article at the link listed below to learn 68 innovative ways to promote parent involvement. Here are a few of our favorites at SLC:

  • Focus on the strengths of families— they know their children better than anyone else. Find ways to get that information to teachers, other school staff.
  • Establish a friendly contact with parents early in the year, “In Time of Peace.”
  • Know the secret to getting parents to attend meetings at school—make sure they know they’re genuinely
  • Remember the three “F”s for success—Food, Families, Fun.
  • Use simple evaluation forms to get parent feedback on every meeting or event. If we ask, they will tell us what they want.
  • Be aware that parents are looking for a school where their children are likely to succeed— more than a school with the highest test scores. Show parents that you care.
  • Stress two-way communication between schools and parents. “One-way” isn’t communication.
  • Understand one key reason for parent non-involvement: Lack of information. One memo won’t do. Try letters, notes, signs, calls, newspaper, radio and TV. Repetition works (and works and works).
  • Give parents specific suggestions about how they can help their children. Many just need to know things like: “Read aloud every day,” and “Turn the TV off during homework time.”
  • Try “refrigerator notes.” Ask students to “Take this note home and put it in the refrigerator.” That gets attention!

Click here to read the whole article.

Authored by Brooke Brown, School Literacy and Culture


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